Fun Times at Bounce Dubai

Bounce Dubai

If a warehouse full of trampolines of all different shapes and sizes sounds like a fun way to spend an evening to you, then you should definitely go to Bounce Dubai. We’ve been a couple of times and it’s a lot of fun, but extremely tiring! Bounce Dubai

In Bounce, there’s a few different area. The main area has a load of trampolines side by side, with a basketball hoop on one end. Adjoining this is a closed off area where you can play dodgeball. Next is a section with a huge inflatable “pillow” where you can tumble into. Then there’s a section with 2 long trampolines with basketball hoops at the end, and finally there’s the wall. Here you bounce on the trampoline on your back then run up the wall and then back down and so on. This is actually very difficult and I could only get a couple of steps up the wall! Bounce Dubai

It costs around 70-80 dirhams per person for an hour, and this is more than enough. This will include a free pair of non-slip socks. Bounce also offer hour long fitness classes which look very hard work indeed! I’d definitely recommend taking the time to go here, even if just for an hour as it’s a lot of fun! Bounce Dubai

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