Brunch at Villa Toscana, Abu Dhabi

Brunch at Villa Toscana

When we visited Abu Dhabi we were scheduled to arrive on a Friday morning and knew we wanted to go for brunch. After a little looking around before the trip we booked a table for brunch at Villa Toscana. We chose Villa Toscana as it was within the St Regis hotel where we were staying and is currently in the top 10 restaurants in Abu Dhabi on Tripadvisor, also I love Italian food! Brunch at Villa Toscana

This was a new brunch and dining experience for us as we didn’t choose a single thing during the whole sitting and all courses were chosen and sent out by the chef. And we had a lot of courses! I think in the end there were 10 – 12 different plates: from tomato and mozzarella to ravioli and parmesan, arancini to parmigiana, black tortelloni to green penne, fish, lamb, beef and a seriously delicious tiramisu to top it all off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many colours and shapes of pasta! Brunch at Villa Toscana Brunch at Villa Toscana Brunch at Villa Toscana

I was a bit disappointed that initially we were the only diners there and during the few hours that we were there only 2 others tables were occupied but perhaps this was due to it being Eid weekend and a dry 24 hours as when we returned a couple of days later it was so busy that we couldn’t get a table until 9:30pm. But the wonderful complimentary courses we were offered certainly made up for that! We’d definitely recommend a trip to Villa Toscana if you’re around Abu Dhabi Corniche and in need of a treat.

Imagine my delight when we went back to our room and saw a bottle of champagne and celebration chocolate cake 🙂 although it did take a few hours to recover from all that pasta before we could make a start on the bubbly! Read more about our second mini-moon at the St Regis…

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