The Come Down

Since we got the news that we had the chance to move to Dubai back in March (seems like only yesterday) the days were filled with the buzz of planning our dream wedding day and thinking about our relocation. We had three months to plan the wedding and move so time was jam-packed thinking about all the arrangements.

Initially we were living in London but in June I moved back to Northern Ireland while Rhys went to Dubai to work for a few weeks. I have been away from home for seven years and this was the longest I have spent at home in recent years. In the midst of all the wedding planning I got to spend lots of precious time with my family. I was also on the “I’m getting married soon” high; I had two hen parties, pamper sessions, dress fittings, meal tastings and lots of excitement to talk about. It was also the first time we had Rhys’ family and my family together; we had lots of gatherings, BBQs and drinks and loads of time to catch up and get to know each other.

Then we had the wedding which was, without doubt, the best day of our lives and for a few days afterwards we still spent time with our families. At the same time a very close cousin had her first baby, my brother and his fiancée bought their first home and my stepmum had the opportunity to take on her own business. These were all such exciting milestones to be around for and made me want to leave even less.

We moved to Dubai mid-July and had a busy two weeks of apartment hunting followed by moving into our marital home and making it nice and homely for ourselves. But now we’ve been here six weeks or so and things have calmed down. I am not saying there’s nothing exciting happening, because I know we’re so fortunate to have this new life and lots of adventure ahead of us. But I’m back to reality with a bump this week, feeling homesick and on a come down from all the buzz and excitement of the last five months. I guess that means it’s time to start planning some of our Wedventures, starting with our first ever Dubai brunch this week!

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