Happy Birthday Daddy


My dad is one of the greatest, kindest, most patient and caring men I know (I have to say “one of” because I am married now with a wonderful husband and father-in-law 😉 ). So, how do you wish one of the most important people in your life a happy birthday when you’re over 3,500 miles apart? We could have sent a card or a post card but we’re new to Dubai and don’t really trust this “postal system” yet, although we haven’t really looked into it either. We had just recently bought a GoPro camera and we have some beautiful surroundings here AKA the beach so of course we decided to make a video:


We hope you have a wonderful day today (spare a thought for us stuck at work trying to get some pennies so one day we can get your Hackett & Tommy Hilfiger goodies).

We love you and miss you.

Tracey & Rhys


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