Living in Dubai Part II


Can you believe we have been living in Dubai for two months now? I can’t! But I can safely say we are enjoying our experience in Dubai and just wanted to share a few things we did this month with you all.

Eating Out 

One of the best things about living in Dubai is the number and variety of restaurants there are on offer. This month we have eaten out A LOT in Dubai. Below are a few of our experiences:

P.F. Chang’s

We heard from so many people that we needed to go to P.F. Chang’s and try their Dynamite Shrimp, one evening we were at Mall of the Emirates and thought it was time to give it a try. The Dynamite Shrimp did not disappoint, Rhys got it as a starter (as did everyone else in the restaurant, just take a look around when you’re there) and he loved every bite, except the ones I stole! The rest of our meal was also delicious and we’re pleased a P.F. Chang’s has just opened at The Beach, about a 10 minute walk from our place, Dynamite Shrimp for dinner every night?


Brunch at Lattitude

We had our first brunch experience at Lattitude and you can read all about it here.

Brunch at Lattitude


We’ve also heard great things about Eggspectations at JBR and finally went this weekend. Have you ever been to The Breakfast Club? This is the only other place I have tried an American style breakfast with pancakes, sausages, maple syrup etc. I tried the Eggspectations version and The Breakfast Club wins hands down, probably helped along by the fact that in Dubai we have beef bacon and beef sausages and not pork. However, the juices were great, I’d recommend Banana Java.

Breakfast at Eggspectations


After all you can eat, all you can drink on a Wednesday evening at Benihana I was in a serious food coma. But the food here was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to go back, next time I’ll know to take it a bit easier 😉 At Benihana you get four courses and can order anything you want to have again off the menu. The tempura prawns starter, salmon main and tempura ice cream were definitely the highlights of this meal. It was also a lot of fun seeing chefs at work at the Teppanyaki tables, next time I want to sit there!


“Health Kick”

Did you know there is such a thing as The Dubai Kilo? Well after all the eating we have done since arriving I am not in the least bit surprised that many people put on weight when they move here. In an effort to avoid the Dubai Kilo (or kilos) we finally started using our gym, which is just 3 floors down in our building so it would be rude not to. Rhys has also been teaching me to swim – I used to swim with breast stroke arms and front crawl legs – now I can actually do 30 lengths all breast stroke (the pool is about 15/18 meters and this is a big achievement for me!). I have a major sweet tooth but wanted to try something healthier so I finally got back into baking and found this website with ‘healthier’ cakes, below are my attempts at courgette brownies and peanut butter pie. Lastly, we bought a nutribullet, which is kinda like a blender that we can use to whip up a healthy morning juice… beach body here I come!

courgette brownie


This month I got my bank account so of course I had to go shopping! We have had a bit of a shopping spree every weekend I think, next month we will have to reign it in a little bit 😉 Since coming to Dubai I have become a little bit obsessed with mint and have got a Ted Baker bag and purse in mint, new Converse, a Vero Moda mint dress and some workout clothes.

Shopping in Dubai

Eid plans

We have been trying to plan a trip for Eid in October but the actual dates won’t be confirmed until nearer the time and Rhys doesn’t have any holiday days left so we just need to wait and see if we can book something last minute. At the moment we’re hoping to go and see the lush greenery in Salalah (Monsoon season ends in September so I’m hoping the greenery hangs around a little longer!) or maybe we’ll try somewhere else in Oman where we can see turtles roam free.

The Metro

This month we started using the Dubai metro, originally because it has become really difficult to get a taxi home from work and now it’s also impossible to get a taxi in the morning because of all the road works. We finally gave in and got our Nol cards which are the Dubai version of an Oyster card. Plus it’s cheaper than a taxi: £0.50 one way vs £2 for a taxi. Also now that we take the metro, although the walk is horrible in the heat, we get a bit more exercise than just grabbing a cab. Here’s my first trip:

living in Dubai

Over the next month we have a long weekend trip to plan, another brunch and a boat trip in our minds so far… what else can we do?


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