Wedventure – One Month of Living in Dubai

toro toro

Time flies. I can’t believe it is one month since I landed in Dubai. I moved here full of expectations that we’d eat out a lot (= many date nights), enjoy some cocktails during happy hour and spend our time between the beach and shopping malls. I also expected to not be able to cope with the heat. I heard many times that the temperature and humidity levels would be so high I wouldn’t even feel like I could breathe outside. Well thankfully breathing is not an issue, and while the heat can get pretty unbearable, everyone else is a bit sweaty too so you just gotta learn to “embrace it” (sounds gross, I know). So here are my highlights from our first month of living in Dubai:

1. Finding Our Apartment

As mentioned in an earlier post we looked at a lot of apartments but feel like we’ve hit the jackpot with a spacious apartment that has a great kitchen, sea & sunset views, a great pool that’s long enough to actually swim in and we are only a 5 minute walk from the beach.

apartment in dubai

2. The Sunset

Speaking of the sunset, we have enjoyed watching the sunset from our balcony and living room, during romantic strolls along the beach and also while out for dinner or drinks. I think my favourite sunsets are while on the beach, walking on the edge of the (warm!) water and chatting with Rhys.

sunset in dubai

3. The Views

Along with the sunset I am a sucker for a great view and in Dubai you are guaranteed to find an abundance of places where you can enjoy great views while walking, eating, swimming, drinking, shopping, jet skiing etc etc. Most recently we went for dinner in DIFC and could see the Burj Khalifa all lit up.

dubai views

4. Dinner at Toro Toro

For our 4 week wedding anniversary (4 weekversary?) we splashed out on a nice dinner, I wanted to treat Rhys as he is the one who set up our life out here and has been into all the Dubai planning. After some searching online I found Toro Toro at Dubai Marina. They served Argentinian steak & tapas. We were asked if it was a special occasion so I made the most of it and said it was our wedding anniversary. We arrived to rose petals on our table and got free dessert! The food was delicious and the cocktails went down a treat as well.

toro toro

5. Jet Skiing

This is probably the most fun we’ve had in Dubai during our first ever jet skiiing experience. A friend took us out to a lake and we hired the jet skis. At first I was a bit worried I might fall off or something might go wrong (I’m not a great swimmer) but we had a ball and Rhys has recorded it all on our GoPro so hopefully we’ll get the video edited and online very soon!

Jetskiing in dubai

I think it’s safe to say we are having an awesome time in Dubai, we’re settling in, doing well at work and trying to make the most of our new home. So far we have no doubt that this was the right decision for us and we’re looking forward to many more months here.


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