[Marathon Training] Weeks 11-16 – Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai & Tanzania!

Jumeirah running track

Through weeks 11 to 16 of marathon training I was all over the place… quite literally and sick 🙁

Week 11 saw over 28 miles with a treadmill run, 2 outdoor runs in Dubai and a 16 mile long run around the 400m indoor track at Dubai Sports World… what a joy that was 😉 but on Saturday 26th August I completed my longest run yet and even managed a negative split (avg. pace 10:56/mile)!

Dubai Sports World

A snippet of the 400m indoor track at Dubai Sports World… 16 miles was A LOT of laps

Week 12 I travelled back to Hong Kong for work and completed 3 treadmill runs:

  • 4 miles at 8:38/mile
  • 7 miles with 5 mile fartlek at 8:58/mile
  • Half marathon on the treadmill!! at 9:22/mile pace which is my fastest half marathon time but I won’t call it a PB until I achieve it on the road! Honestly I don’t know how I ran this long on a treadmill!

Unfortunately after the 13 mile dreadmill run, I got a virus just before travelling to KL for work and when I returned to Dubai I only managed one 3 mile run during week 13 and spent most of week 13 and 14 trying to rest and making final preparations for CLIMBING KILIMANJARO!!

Overall mileage was low in this period because during weeks 15 & 16 we were climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which I hoped counted as some sort of cross-training…

Londarosi Gate, Kilimanjaro

Ready to climb Kilimanjaro!


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