Our New Home – Apartment in Dubai

apartment in dubai

The time has finally come to show off our apartment in Dubai (what I mean is, it was tidy enough to take some pictures). If you’ve been on our blog before you’ll probably know that we looked at maaaaany flats before finding this one and now we are falling more & more in love with it than when we first saw it. We have lived in a lot of rented places and this is by far our favourite, probably also because it’s our first home as a married couple.

This was the most spacious apartment in Dubai that we saw and when you walk in you are straight into the living/dining area with a small bathroom to the right. This living area is quite long and leads onto one of the balconies. Along with lots of little knick knacks that we brought over from the UK, we’ve now got a globe lamp that we can plot out our Wedventures on.

apartment in dubai

From the living area there is a half wall that looks into the kitchen, this was, without doubt, the best kitchen we’d seen in any apartment, most were open plan into the living room so we are lucky to find one with four walls. It’s also far bigger than any other we saw, it seems kitchens aren’t really made for cooking in over here 😉

apartment in dubai

Next is our bedroom which has sliding doors to the second balcony, built in wardrobes and an adjoining bathroom. The whole apartment was furnished when we moved in so the only furniture we needed to buy was a dressing table (Rhys is the IKEA building King!).

apartment in dubai

apartment in dubai

From both the living room and bedroom we can just about see the sea. We have a pool that can actually be used for swimming as it’s about 15m long while the others we saw were usually round or not long enough to swim in… Rhys is very patiently trying to teach me how to swim i.e. not do the doggy paddle (when he’s not busy on the sun lounger playing Clash of Clans). From the balcony we can also see a little bit of Dubai Marina.

apartment in dubai

It’s safe to say we’re enjoying married life and our new home 🙂


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  1. I am well jel of the globe lamp! I want a really big old-fashioned globe in my home in the future!

    Also it’s so lovely to see my wedding gift is out, as is the lovely photo of your engagement spot that Amaya had framed! Love it x

    • Thanks Emma, it was nearly top of the shopping list 😉 still doesn’t have a bulb in it though. I’ve got a few little wedding gifts on my bedside table, was so happy to get some knick knacks 🙂 🙂

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