How it all began – Tracey’s Story

friend zone

It is 7 years since I left my home in Northern Ireland to study in England. I can remember trying to decide if I could even leave my family behind and make that first move. I remember talking to a teacher about going to study in England and saying I was worried about going somewhere totally new, where I wouldn’t know anyone and he was surprised. Surprised that I didn’t see why this was possible when I had just changed schools and was already settling in somewhere new, where I didn’t know anyone. He encouraged me to take the opportunity to go to England and he, along with my very supportive family, is what spurred on this home bird to pack her bags and move away.

Little did I know at the time that in my first week of being away I would meet my best friend and love of my life. We lived in the same halls and met on the second day of university and from then on we spent a lot of our time together exploring our new surroundings and enjoying our freshers year. Now some of you will know that initially I didn’t see Rhys as the love of my life, he was my best friend:

friend zone

However, those who heard the wedding speeches will know he told me once he’d had a dream that we were a couple and I thought “Hmm this guy’s a bit weird dreaming about me”. After 7 months I also dreamed that we were a couple, now I was the weird one when I told him. I thought he didn’t like me anymore (’cause he lied & told me straight to my face that he only liked me as a friend) but we finally had our first kiss and Rhys was successfully out of the Friend Zone & we haven’t looked back. Now who says dreams can’t come true?

PS haven’t we changed over the last 6 years?


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