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flight to Dubai

One of the reasons (see our other reasons here) we decided to move to Dubai was its position as a travel hub. We see this city as a gateway for us to make travel plans that hopefully will allow us to explore the Middle East, Africa and Asia as much as possible in the time that we are here. Over time, as we settle into our new home, we hope to expand our horizons and visit many places that we now see as “nearby” – well much nearer than if we were still in the UK. We hope these Wedventures will include (but are not exclusive to) India, Oman, Jordan, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, maybe even Australia & New Zealand one day. Keep an eye on this section to see where we end up!


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  1. Congratulations on your 1st month wedding anniversary. A great way to keep folk up to date on your new life together and also show us back home how the other half live. We look forward to regular updates. Good luck and look after yourselves. Da

    • Thanks Papa. Glad you’ve stopped by and left us a comment. We’ll try our best to update regularly.. you can share with the aunts 😉 Catch up soon!

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