[Marathon Training] Week 1 Beginner Marathoner

Sunrise on Dubai Marina

Here we go, marathon training has started! After a couple of weeks with low mileage due to gastritis I wanted to start increasing mileage with 21 weeks to go before the Dublin marathon. In week 1 of my beginner marathon training I managed 15 miles with each run between 2 – 4 miles. Summer has well and truly arrived in Dubai and all my runs were outdoor with approx. 35°C in the evening, 70% humidity and a real feel temp of 40-50°C! Here’s a look at the week:

Sunday 11th June – the week started with 4 miles in the evening, average pace was 9:30min/mile.

Monday 12th June – 3 miles in the evening with a faster pace (8:52min/mile) than yesterday.

Thursday 15th June – another evening run of 3 miles with a real feel temperature of 48° slowing me down a bit more (9:18/mile).

Friday 16th June – due to dinner plans, I went out in the morning but getting up was a struggle and as I started at 6:30am I was running in the sun and 35° so this was a slow one at 10:36/mile. I was aiming for 4 miles but made it to 3 miles. The run was following by a Lululemon community yoga class and yummy (well-earned) breakfast.

Saturday 17th June – I dragged myself out on Saturday evening for 2 miles with a hangover at 9:58/mile.

Sunrise on Dubai Marina

It felt good to start running more again and I’m feeling more confident about signing up for the marathon. Next week I’ll be travelling for work to Hong Kong and I’m hoping to keep up the consistency, and will test myself if I’ll be able to keep it up over the next few months of training as I will need to travel regularly.

Do you have any tips for first time marathoners? Have you set any fitness goals for 2017?


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