[Marathon Training] Week 3

Sunrise run around Dubai Marina

Here we are with week 3 of my beginner marathon training plan, and as we have officially signed up for the marathon, dedication to training is ever more important. My aim this week was to have all my runs in the morning before sunrise, which I did but some were a struggle towards the end and I completed 17 miles this week.

Sunday 25th – Rest day

Monday 26th June – my 5am alarm sounded, with the goal of getting outside and running before the sun came out. I started running by 5.30am and did 4 miles at 9:57/mile. I was hoping that running before sunrise would make it somewhat easier, but humidity was over 90% and it was 34°. I followed the run with a runners yoga routine and foam rolling – ouch!

Tuesday 27th June – I was aiming for 6 miles, then 5, then 4 and in the end I managed 3.5 miles at 10:30/mile, stopped early due to tummy trouble. As I have IBS this will be another challenge for me – how to manage this, eat well. fuel during longer runs. I hoped to start running again after and reach 4 miles but didn’t feel up to it. When I got home I stretched out with yoga and foam rolling.

Wednesday 28th June – Rest day

Thursday 29th June – Again I ran 3.5 miles, as the humidity was at 96% this was a difficult run so I was surprise that my pace was better than Tuesday at 10.01/mile.

Friday 30th June – This was long run day to get me to 100km total in June. Friday is the start of the weekend in Dubai so when my alarm went off at 5am I debated with myself whether to get up or run later at the gym. I eventually got up at 5.45am after checking the weather and seeing it was only 46% humidity. I was hoping to do 7 miles as a long run but in the second half the sun was rising and I was struggling with the heat, so I ran 6 miles with the second 3 miles a combo of running and walking.

Saturday 1st July – Rest (read: hangover) day.

I am really pleased to have completed 100km in June, 80km outside in Dubai and 20km on a treadmill in Hong Kong. I’m sure this is my highest mileage month ever, even when I was previously training for other races. Apart from being tired due to early alarms and the heat and humidity I am feeling starting to feel stronger and proud of myself  for completing these runs and starting a post-run routine of yoga and foam rolling this week!


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