[Marathon Training] Week 4 – Training & Travelling

Scarborough cinder track run

Week 4 of marathon training and after struggling with the heat on Friday  mornings long run I ran in the evenings instead, this is also when we travelled to the UK for summer holidays and would be a test to see if training continued when holiday mode was on…

Sunday 2nd – Rest day

Monday 3rd – because of the heat I now ran in the evening and did 4 miles at 9:02/mile with the elusive negative split, even in the evening it’s still hot with temperature over 40 and humidity at 75%.

Tuesday 4th – it was our 3 year wedding anniversary so Rhys and I went for a 3 mile run together. When I first asked Rhys to run with me he wasn’t keen as he wanted to zone out with his music but after a couple of runs together he was a bit more enthusiatic 😉 (9:27/mile).

Wednesday 5th & Thursday 6th – rest day

Friday 7th – we flew to the UK this morning and after 4 hours sleep and 16 hours total of travelling, Rhys and I ran 5 miles along the cinder track Scarborough. I usually think going back to the cooler, fresher UK weather will help with running but I struggled with my breathing during this run and we went a bit slower at 10:14/mile.

Saturday 8th – I was planning to go for 10 miles this morning but needed to stop at 8 due to GI issues. I felt like my legs could’ve carried me the final 2 miles so I was happy about that. (10:31/mile).

I was happy to complete 20 miles this week but after switching to evening runs and travelling I wasn’t as dedicated with my foam rolling and yoga routine but I am proud of continuing with marathon training after such a long journey on the 7th! How do you stay motivated to workout during holidays?


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