What’s a Wedventure?

Soooo “what’s a Wedventure?” we hear you ask. Well, most recently we were living in London, thinking it would be our base for another couple of years, when one day Rhys (the husband half of Our Wedventure duo) came home from work and said his job was relocating to Dubai. Tracey’s initial reaction was ‘time for a new job then…’. But we finally started to seriously consider the option of emigrating and Rhys packed up his suitcase and went off to experience 10 days in the Middle East. Each day Rhys sent updates about what it was like in Dubai (neither of us had been before) and over the 10 days he sent home hundreds of photos.

Some of Rhys' snaps in Dubai on his first trip

Upon Rhys’ return to England it was clear we were moving to Dubai, but there was one thing we wanted to do first… get married. A whirlwind engagement and 3 intensive months of preparing, planning and packing (we split the ‘new life’ responsibilities and Tracey planned the wedding while Rhys sorted the move) later we got married in Northern Ireland and off we went to Dubai to start our new life.

Since March 2014 our life together has completely changed and Our Wedventure was born through hard work, ambition and most of all love for each other and a new adventure!


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