Why’d we move to Dubai?

If you’re visiting Our Wedventure then we’ll assume that you’re interested in knowing why we decided to move to Dubai. In a previous post you can get a quick intro to how the move came about but here we’ll go into more detail about our thought process for the move to Dubai.

We both use excel a lot in our daily working lives, Tracey loves to make lists and Rhys is a logical thinker so the obvious option in deciding why we should move to Dubai was not the simple case of tossing a coin. No way, José. Instead we made lists for London with reasons to stay and reasons to leave and why we should or shouldn’t move to Dubai.

In our planning stage we saw many websites and blogs stating the benefits of moving to Dubai were great weather and tax free salary. Of course we won’t deny that these weren’t major draws for us but we had to dig deeper and see what else we might like about a new city and way of life. Time to think long and hard…


 Eventually we realised London wasn’t the place for us anymore. While we’d been there for just under 2 years we were kind of fed up with commuting, how busy it always is (have you ever tried to get down Oxford Street – it’s never a good time) and that people were alwaaaaays in a rush. Of course this is our opinion and there are many people who enjoy the way and pace of life so please don’t take offence, it just wasn’t for us.

live in london

 While we did see some benefits to living in London i.e. we knew what to expect and we could be much closer to our family and friends (who we love very much and wish they could be in Dubai with us) we were ready to move on from London. After more than 6 years in a relationship we were living in a houseshare and were ready to go it alone again. However, in London we always felt our salaries would’ve been a bit too stretched to live on our own (in a decent sized place) and still be able to save money. And so the positives for Dubai very much outweighed what we considered to be positives for staying in London…

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Apart from actually emigrating, one of the big life changes that would come with moving to Dubai was that we would get married before leaving the UK. We won’t lie, it is illegal to live together unmarried in Dubai and this is what put the thought in our heads (to get married now) but we read about plenty of people who do live together unmarried. However, we have talked about marriage for a long time, we’ve been together for even longer and we just knew it was what we wanted to do. But that meant just 3 months to plan the wedding of our dreams… it’s a good job Tracey already had secret Pinterest boards on the go 😉

In the end our main reasons for choosing Dubai as our new (*temporary* disclaimer for our families) home was the better standard of living including great weather for much of the year, living near the beach, earning more & saving more. Our other deciding factor was the opportunity to get international work experience and use our new location as a stepping stone to travel around this faraway part of the world.

We hope you enjoy keeping up with Our Wedventure. We will be updating this site as much as we can so check back for more information about the wedding itself, the move and of course life in Dubai (please be patient as we get all our content together). If you’re thinking of moving or have any questions let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to help.



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